How to register an account on Rocketpot Bitcoin Casino?

Registering an account with Rocketpot is very easy. On the right top corner of the page, you will see a big orange button called 'SIGN UP' click on it, and then you only must fill out the information requested, and then you can finish the creation of your account by just clicking 'JOIN ROCKETPOT'.

Why did my registration fail on Rocketpot?

Your account creation has failed. Please check if the username you chose has not already been picked by another Rocketpot player.  Make sure that you do not already have an account with us. If this all fails, you can contact our friendly customer support that will be able to assist you with your account creation. 

I already have an account on Rocketpot, but I forgot my password! How do I reset it?

Well, that is easy, you must press 'LOG IN' on the top right corner of the website, you will get a pop-up to log in, at the bottom, you will see the option 'Forgot password' just enter your registered email and press restore. You will receive an email that will reset your password if you do not see it, make sure to check your spam/junk folder. 

Can I update my email address?

No, to change your email address, you will need to contact our customer support, and they will help you with the process straight away. 


Can I have multiple accounts?

No, at Rocketpot Bitcoin Casino, you can only have one account with us if you are unsure if you already have an account with us, please contact our customer support, which will help you out with this query. 

Can I open another account when I am self-excluded?

As mentioned, before you can only have one account with us. Creating another account while you are self-excluded is forbidden.

How to deactivate newsletters from Rocketpot?

This is simple, you must go to the email you receive from us, and at the bottom, you will have the option to unsubscribe. If you do, you will not receive any news about our great promotions. 



Rocketpot customer support is always ready to help you. You can contact our support staff via email at [email protected] or on our live chat. 


Which cryptocurrencies does Rocketpot Bitcoin Casino offer?

At Rocketpot we love crypto, so we offer a great variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others. More will be added in the future. 

How do I make a deposit?

You will need to make a crypto transfer to your deposit address that is shown after you click 'DEPOSIT'. You can use the QR Code provided to you or copy the crypto address. If you have a crypto wallet installed, you can also click 'OPEN IN WALLET' and it will start the process of making the deposit. 

This means that if the bankroll loses bitcoins to lucky players, the maximum allowed profits made on new game rounds will shrink. If players lose to the bankroll, new rounds will allow higher profits to players. This maximum allowed profit prevents players from winning the entire bankroll.

My deposit failed, what do I do?

If your deposit failed with Rocketpot, make sure that you have enough balance on your crypto wallet, and that you have enough left for the transaction fee. This information is shown on your wallet. You also need to make sure that you selected the correct crypto address to make the deposit. 

How long does it take to get my balance?

Deposits are usually fast to be credited to your account. It does require for you to confirm your deposits before it is shown in your account. Please be aware that it can take sometimes longer. You can always check your transaction via the blockchain. 

I cannot see my deposit on my account.

Check that your funds have been deducted, from your crypto wallet. If they have been deducted, you can check your transaction via the blockchain. 

Are there fees for deposits?

Yes, there is a transaction fee, but this is not charged by us. 


I won, how do I withdrawal my winnings?

Congratulations! To withdraw is pretty easy, just click on the withdraw tab. Select the Coin, enter your crypto address, and the amount you wish to withdraw. We will send you a verification email. Once you click the link, your withdrawal will be checked to be processed. A withdrawal fee will be deducted from your withdrawal amount. Your withdrawal will be sent from the Rocketpot hot wallet. Do not withdraw to any site that uses the sending address or sends funds back to the sender, since such deposits will likely be credited to a different player.

Can I withdraw with a different crypto?

No, you cannot make a withdrawal with different crypto you will need to withdraw with the one you used to deposit. 

Can I withdraw my bonus?

Yes, you can withdraw your bonus if you finished the rollover requirement. 

Can I make a withdrawal while having a bonus?

Yes, you can make a withdrawal while you have an active bonus. Be aware if you do make the withdrawal, with an active bonus, you will forfeit your bonus.

What is the minimum to make a withdrawal?

We have different withdrawal limits for each cryptocurrency:

Minimum amount is 0.00025 BTC.

Minimum amount is 0.015 ETH.

Minimum amount is 30.5 DOGE.

Minimum amount is 0.015 LTC.

Minimum amount is 0.025 BCH.

Minimum amount is 5.5 USDC .

Minimum amount is 11.5 TRX.

Minimum amount is 1.5 USDTT .

Minimum amount is 5.5 USDTE.

Minimum amount is 0.015 XRP.

Minimum amount is 5.5 DAI.

Minimum amount is 1.5 ADA.

Minimum amount is 5.5 BUSD.

Minimum amount is 0.015 BNB.

Are there withdrawal fee's?

Yes, the withdrawal fee is 0.0006 (BTC, BCH, LTC, DOGE, ETH, BTC, etc).

My withdrawal failed, what do I do?

Make sure that you are making a withdrawal higher than the minimum, using the correct cryptocurrency and wallet address. 

I have not received my withdrawal, what now?

If you have not received your withdrawal after 24 hours, please contact our customer support for more information. 

Can I cancel my withdrawal?

Yes, you can cancel your withdrawal by contacting our customer support.


How do I claim my welcome bonus?

To get your welcomes bonus, you first need to make a deposit up to 1 BTC.  Once you did your deposit you can claim it in the bonus tab. You need to claim it before you start playing our games. 

What is the minimum deposit to claim the bonus?

The minimum deposit is 0.0002 BTC

Can I claim the bonus in other cryptos?

Yes, the bonus can be claimed with any crypto deposit.

What is cashback?

A cashback is a percentage and applies to the total net losses of your deposit in a certain period or for a certain game, and which is then credited to your account.

What is the daily cashback on Rocketpot?

We at Rocketpot want to reward our loyal customers with a daily cashback up to 20%. For example, with 10% cashback, if you deposit 100USD, you will recieve 10USD back the next day.

What is the minimum amount to be eligible to get the Cashback?

The minimum amount to be deposit to be eligible to receive cashback is $30 USD per day.

Where can I check my bonus?

To see all bonuses and airdrops, click on “BONUS”. Here you can see your active, available, and history of the bonuses. 

What is a rollover?

A rollover is also known as a wagering requirement. It represents the value of bets that you need to place to turn your bonus into crypto, which you will be able to withdraw.

How does the rollover work on Rocketpot?

The rollover is applied each time you make a bet, it does not matter if you win or lose. Each bet will lower the rollover. Make sure to check our Bonus T&C, to check which games do not lower the rollover. 

What is Rocketpot bonus rollover?

Our rollover is x100. Different rollover may apply for future promotions. Make sure to always check the bonus T&C. 

Where can I see the remaining rollover on my bonus?

You can check this by going to the Bonus tab and clicking on active Bonus.

What are the restrictions on the bonus?

You can check the Bonus T&C


Can I use my mobile devices to play on Rocketpot?

Yes, you can play all our games with your mobile’s devices such as phones and tablets. They are supported for Android and iOS. 

Does Rocketpot Bitcoin Casino have an app?

No, we do not have iOS or Android apps, but Rocketpot is fully optimized for the most popular mobile browsers.

The game is slow, what is wrong?

If you have chosen a game to play, but the screen is just black. You will need to clear your browser's history, cookies, and cache. If this does not work, try another browser. If you still experiencing any issues, restart your device, or try playing on another device.

The game won't load, what can I do?

We at Rocketpot recommend that you update your browser, clear your history and cache. If you still experiencing issues, please check that you do not have any heavy programs running in the background. The issue could also be with your internet connection, if you are playing via Wi-Fi try connecting with an ethernet cable or moving closer to your modem. 

Remember that our games depend on the speed of your internet connection, if you have any active downloads pause them to play, that way you can have a better gaming experience. 

I got disconnected, what do I do?

If you got disconnected, or you had a connection error, the round will complete as normal, and pay out any winnings. Some of our games will pause for you, and you will be able to complete the round yourself. 

Which browser do we recommend? 

We at Rocketpot Bitcoin Casino recommend Google Chrome to enjoy our games. 


Does Rockepot offer a loyalty program?

Yes, we at Rocketpot offer a loyalty program. Every time you place a wager you will receive experience points to level up. Every time you level up you will be able to open a chest. 

How do I get experience points?

You can get experience points by wagering on any of our games.

How many experience points do I get per wager?

For every wager you make you will be rewarded experience points. The larger the wager the more experience you get. The level bar will indicate how much experience you will get after the round is finished.

Bonus wagers will grant you ⅓ of the normal experience points (compared to normal wagers). 

How do I unlock Chests?

Every bet placed on Rocketpot counts as experience points towards levelling up. Each level achievement unlocks a chest for you with a guaranteed reward!

Each chest has a guaranteed mBTC award. The higher your level, the better the reward. Make sure to check out the final chest - it has a big surprise waiting for you!

What is inside the chests?

In each of the Rocketpot chests, there is a mBTC prize. Each of the chests has different volatility, the higher your level, the better the reward will be. 

Where can I find the Chests?

You can find the chests by pressing the chest icon on top of the page.

What is Volatility?

It is a rate at which the award of a chest increases or decreases for a given set of mBTC returns. If the volatility is high this means that you may receive a higher or lower reward far from the average chest value. If the volatility is low, you will be closer to get the average value of chest the award.

How many volatility chests are there?

There are five chests with different levels of volatility, including enhanced chests which share the same volatility as their counterpart, but have bigger rewards. The fifth chest is the mega chest which has zero volatility.

These are the colored chests you can find:

Cyan Chest: Volatility Level 2

Lime Chest: Volatility Level 3

Gold Chest: Volatility Level 4

Purple Chest: Volatility Level 5

Enhanced Cyan Chest: Volatility Level 2

Enhanced Gold Chest: Volatility Level 4

Enhanced Purple Chest: Volatility Level 5


Does Rocketpot have a license?

Yes, we operate under the License No. 1668/JAZ issued to Curaçao eGaming, Authorized and Regulated by the Government of Curacao.

Is my money safe with Rocketpot?

Yes, we are regulated by an eGaming license, and all our data is transmitted via secure encrypted connections (SSL). This means that all your data is processed in compliance with the highest security standards.

My account has been compromised, who do I contact?

If you believe your account has been compromised contact our support staff straight away via [email protected] or on our live chat. Make sure to run an antivirus on your computer or device, change your email and Rocketpot password. 

Are Rocketpot games fair and random?

Yes, all our games that we make available come from game providers who are subject to the regulations of our license (Curaçao eGaming). That means they are tested regularly to make sure the games are fair.

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