Rocketpot is a fun interactive game with fast-paced action, live chat and jackpots.

To play, deposit some Bitcoin and place a bet before the next round starts.

Once the round begins, a multiplier increases exponentially and you can click "CASH OUT" at any time to secure your profit. But the multiplier can crash at any time, leaving you with nothing! The longer you HODL, the faster your wagered Bitcoins grow.

First, log in or register an account.

You then need to get a balance by depositing bitcoin to your account. Once you have deposited, your Bitcoin transfer needs one confirmation before it is credited to your account.

Select the amount you want to bet by clicking the CHANGE BET button, and then adjusting the bet slider or choose a bet amount by clicking one of the bet amounts.

Set your preferred AUTO CASH OUT multiplier value in the STRATEGY window. Default is 2,500×.

Click the PLACE BET button and wait for the next round to start.

Watch the multiplier increase from 1× upwards!

You can cash out your profit at the current multiplier by clicking the "CASH OUT" button.

Rocketpot features 3 growing jackpots: Mini, Major, and Mega

The jackpots are triggered when the multiplier reaches 50× (Mini), 250× (Major) and 1,000× (Mega). When a jackpot is trigggered, one lucky player is chosen to spin the jackpot wheel. By placing a bet, you are competing for the Jackpots regardless of if you cash out or crash. Everyone that participated in the game round has a chance to win that is corresponding to their bet's size. The bigger you bet, the bigger your chance to win the Jackpot!


Divided into 15 sectors - Full jackpot, 5 - 8mBTC, no prize, or Respin.


Is divided into 15 sectors - the full jackpot, 5 - 25mBTC, no prize and Respin.


Mega Jackpot is divided into 24 sectors - The full jackpot, 5 - 100mBTC, no prize, or Respin.

When a game round crashes at a multiplier that triggers a jackpot, a winner is chosen and the jackpot wheel appears. 90% of the Jackpot win is paid to the player that spun the wheel, the remaining 10% are distributed equally between other players. The jackpots are progressive and from each game round, 1.5% of the total bet amount is moved to the jackpots. Fixed jackpot wheel prizes are not split, they're paid fully to the winner.

When jackpots are won, they are re-seeded; The Mini Jackpot to 0.005 BTC, the Major Jackpot to 0.050 mBTC and the Mega Jackpot to 0.100 BTC.

An mBTC is one thousands of a bitcoin, so 1000 mBTC makes 1 BTC.

Rocketpot's house edge is 1.5% or less.

The exact house edge at any given time varies with the total amount, as JP seed values and JP wheel prizes are fixed (and bet amounts are not).

The server will force players to cash out in the following cases:

  • When a players win would exceed more than 1% of the bankroll.
  • When the combined wins of all players would exceed 1.5% of the bankroll.
  • Unexpected server problems occur, making the server try to cash everyone out and halt further game rounds.

Rocketpot is a real-time game over the Internet, so there will always be a delay between the time that you click the CASH OUT button and the time that the server receives your cash out.

To protect yourself against network lag, you can use the AUTO CASH OUT feature.

Since your AUTO CASH OUT value is sent to the server before the game round starts, the server can cash you out regardless of the lag or even if your client has completely disconnected.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You will need to make a Bitcoin transfer to your deposit address that is shown after you click DEPOSIT.

Use the QR Code to scan with your mobile Bitcoin wallet or copy the Bitcoin address and paste it in your bitcoin client. If you have a Bitcoin wallet installed, it's also possible to click OPEN IN WALLET and it will start the process of making a transfer to the address directly in your wallet software.

Deposits require 1 confirmation before they are shown in your balance. On average, confirmation takes approximately 10 minutes from the time of the transaction, provided the sender included a sufficient transaction fee.

When you withdraw, we will send you a verification email. Once you click the link, your withdrawal will be processed immediately. A withdrawal fee will be deducted from your withdrawal amount. Your withdrawal will be sent from the Rocketpot hot wallet. Do not withdraw to any site that uses the sending address or sends funds back to the sender, since such deposits will likely be credited to a different player.


The bankroll is the pool of money that bets are paid into and wins are paid out from. You can take part in the bankroll by investing and you are paid according to the percentage of your stake in the total bankroll.

The bankroll grows or shrinks as players are placing bets or cashing out before the game rounds bust.

The jackpot contributions and payouts are not affecting the bankroll.

Each investor gets a stake of the bankroll proportional to the size of their investment.

For example, if the first investor puts 1 BTC, he gets 100% of the bankroll, and earns on average 1% of all wagers. Now suppose that players lose 1 BTC while playing on RocketPot. This 1 BTC is rewarded to the bankrollers and a 50% commission fee is paid from this profit. Since there is only one bankroller his bankroll stake increases by 1 BTC to 2 BTC. The total bankroll is now 2 and a 50% commission is charged on the investment profit, bringing his investment and the total bankroll to 1.5 BTC. Now another investor invests 0.5 BTC and is charged the 2% dilution fee of 0.01 is paid to the first investor's stake, bringing the bankroll to 2 BTC. The first bankroller's 1.51 coins now make up 75.5% of the bankroll and the new bankroller’s 0.49 BTC make up 24.5% of the bankroll.

If now another 1 BTC is lost by players, the first bankroller gets 0.755 and the second bankroller gets 0.245, bringing their part of the bankroll to 2.265 and 0.735 respectively. After being charged the 50% commission fee, the first investor remain with 1.8875.

The second investor pays no commission on the profit that paid back his 0.01 dilution fee, he pays 50% commission on the remaining 0.235 profit and remains with 0.6175. At this stage, the first backer can withdraw his 1.8875 bitcoins with his 0.8875 profit and this would bring the second backer’s percentage of the bankroll from 24.9% to 100%.

RocketPot limits the maximum profit a player can make on a bet to 1% of the bankroll and the maximum total profit of players in a game round to 1.5% of the bankroll. When a game round reaches a multiplier that pays out the maximum allowed profits, the bets are automatically cashed out.

This means that if the bankroll loses bitcoins to lucky players, the maximum allowed profits made on new game rounds will shrink. If players lose to the bankroll, new rounds will allow higher profits to players. This maximum allowed profit prevents players from winning the entire bankroll.

If you invest in the bankroll, 2% of your investment is paid out to the current bankroll stakeholders according to their stake of the bankroll.

This also means that if you have a stake in the bankroll, every time somebody else invests, you are paid from their 2% dilution fee according to your percentage of the bankroll.

For example, if you invest 1 BTC, 2% (0.02 BTC) of your investment is paid to the current bankrollers, and 0.98 BTC is added to your stake in the bankroll.

The bankroll dilution fee also serves as a safeguard against big investors coming in a diluting your stake. If the bankroll made a loss and new investors made your stake smaller, you might struggle to recover you loss. Thanks to the dilution fee, you not only benefit from new RocketPot players but also from new investors joining.

A commission is charged when bankroll profits are divested, or at midnight (UTC) on Sunday each week, whichever happens sooner. Commission is not charged twice for the same profits. If you invest 10 BTC and it grows to 11 BTC in the first week, the commission to be charged 50% of your 1 BTC profit.

If then your remaining 10.5 BTC investment shrinks to 10 BTC during the next week, there will be no commission charged for that week. If later it grows to 12 BTC during the third week, you will only be charged 50% commission on the new 1 BTC profit over the previous profit of 11 BTC.

  • The house has a positive expected value (EV) and in the long run, the house always win. However, "in the long run" can be a very long time.
  • RocketPot may get hacked and the hotwallet lost, or malicious actors may drain the bankroll.
  • RocketPot can’t guarantee a constant wager volume; If players stop playing, a bankroll profit may never occur. The players can choose to stop playing at any time and if they stop at a profit, the bankroll will remain with a loss.
  • Large bankrollers may dilute your stake in the bankroll. The bankroll may shrink from lucky players winning and may be diluted by large investors or lucky players investing their winnings. If this happens it may take a long time to recover the loss.
  • Alien invasion or other unforeseeable circumstances may disable or kill the operators of RocketPot, or they may disappear.
  • RocketPot may lose the private keys, lose access to the bitcoins or be forced to give up access to the funds.

Additional Information

If you need some help or you want to let us know something, please get in touch in the live chat. You can reach us through email: [email protected]

No, we don't have iOS or Android apps, but Rocketpot is fully optimised for the most popular mobile browsers.