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The world we live in is constantly changing, and there are many ways to enjoy your free time. You can watch your favorite show, movie, play some games, or enjoy a session of online Stellar gambling with your favorite casino games.

Gambling has always been popular, but after the invention of the internet and online casinos, this industry's popularity has risen even more. Now, in 2021 we live in times where people were forced to stay at home for a prolonged amount of time, which increased the demand for online gambling services.

After all, gambling is fun, engaging, and provides a thrilling experience, especially for the risk-lovers. On top of that, online gambling can bring you a great profit as an additional resource in your bank account. With the increased demand, many problems are starting to get noticeable, and players are beginning to look for different solutions for them.

Before we tap into these problems, we have to look at the cryptocurrency world, which is growing exponentially in the last few years. With the world we live in, many things are starting to get digitized to make our lives easier and automate processes that are annoying and require a lot of effort otherwise.

With cryptocurrencies, we will probably be able to automate many of these annoying processes, specifically when it comes to payment transactions. As many experts predict, paper money will be gone in the future, and cryptocurrencies will take their place. However, this will be in the distant future, and we are here to check how the crypto world will solve the problems of gamblers around the world right now.

You know that most of the traditional online casinos are operating in fiat currencies. This has been going on for more than a decade. Right now, specific problems are occurring more frequently than ever. Generally, all of these problems are connected with the use of fiat currencies in traditional online casinos.

The good news is that the cryptocurrency industry and specifically Stellar are here to solve these problems and replace fiat currencies much sooner than most people think in the gambling industry. This will happen with the so-called Stellar gambling in XLM casinos.

Before we get into how all of this will happen and the benefits that Stellar gambling provides, we have to take a deeper look at Stellar's cryptocurrency.

What is Stellar?

You are probably familiar with the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It is a digital currency that provides very secure, untraceable transactions between users of its blockchain network. That is great, and as another cryptocurrency, we can expect Stellar to give the same, which makes it an excellent option for Stellar gambling.

However, the truth is a bit different. Stellar is not like the other regular cryptocurrencies in the industry. Stellar is an open-source protocol for transactions of digital currencies to fiat currencies. Which basically allows transfers between different currencies, no matter their type.

Stellar was founded in 2014 by Jed McCaleb, and it's been growing since then. We mentioned the cryptocurrency's unique decentralized protocol that allows cross-border transactions no matter the type of currencies. Still, Stellar can act as its cryptocurrency, which makes it a perfect option to enjoy gambling in a Stellar casino.

How to Deposit With Stellar to Rocketpot?

As an XLM casino, the team of Rocketpot is constantly striving to make your Stellar gambling experience as effortless and as pleasurable as possible. That's why annoying processes like deposits or registrations are made as straightforward as possible.

Before we get to the deposit process, you must first create your account in our Stellar casino. But you don't have to worry. The whole process will take you no more than one minute because you will be required to fill in only two to three fields. Our approach is very different from traditional casinos because we use XLM for Stellar gambling instead of any fiat currency.

After you complete your registration process, you will have to log into your account and go to the section with the name "My account," where you will make your first deposit to enjoy Stellar gambling.

After you are in the "My Account" section, you will be required to choose from our wide selection of available cryptocurrencies as a payment option. When you choose Stellar (XLM), you will have to copy your crypto wallet's address to finish the transaction. The other way you can do that is by scanning the available QR code we provide.

How Long Will a Stellar Deposit Take?

One of the main benefits that make XLM one of the best options in the world for Stellar gambling is the speed at which the blockchain network processes every transaction. The transactions with Stellar are significantly faster than the ones in any traditional casino around the world.

To answer the question of how fast the Stellar transactions are processed in our XLM casino Rocketpot, we can say that they are processed almost instantly.

This may not sound too impressive, considering the instant deposit times you are probably used to in a conventional online casino. However, how will you react if we tell you that the withdrawal time for Stellar gambling transactions is also almost instant in our casino Rocketpot? Well, it's amazing, and we are using the cryptocurrency Stellar to the best of its abilities.

Providers and Stellar

Aside from the incredible benefits that Stellar gambling provides, in our XLM casino Rocketpot, you will be able to enjoy a fantastic, thrilling experience when you dive deep into our extensive selection of more than 3000 different games.

Our selection comes from some of the best casino gaming providers in the world of gambling, including Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Yggdrasil, and more.

Where to Buy Stellar?

People usually believe that as the cryptocurrency world is not yet fully established, buying crypto will be a complicated and lengthy process. However, this is very far from the truth. The industry is growing exponentially, and now there are many exchanges where you can buy crypto to enjoy Stellar gambling.

Before you do that, you have to get your hands on a cryptocurrency wallet where you have to store the currency you are buying. There are many types of wallets, so you can choose the one that suits your needs for Stellar gambling.

Play Online Casino With Stellar!

As you understand the benefits that gambling in our Stellar casino provides, you don't have to lose more of your time.

Blaze through the joining process of Rocketpot in a minute and see you on the other side!

Welcome to Rocketpot, the best XLM casino in the whole gambling industry!

Shortname: XLM

  • Founded: 2014
  • Creator: Jed McCaleb, Joyce Kim
  • Blockchain: XLM
  • Circulating Supply: 22,868,934,997 XLM
  • Largest Transaction: 
  • Transactions Per Day: 1,879,992
  • Exisiting Wallets: 34,941,382

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