ROCKETPOT is a real-time multiplayer casino game

At the beginning of each round, players place bets. As the round progresses, the multiplier grows and the aim of the game is to cash out anytime before the graph crashes.

The game is social - users can chat between themselves, view historical stats as well as other players’ real-time betting activity.

Some rounds (over 50× multiplier) also trigger jackpot wheels which give participants a chance to win one of the site’s jackpots.

Start the game

Each round of the game, you have the opportunity to place a bet before the round starts (during ongoinggame round or Next Round countdown).

The bet value is set using the bet slider or hot bet buttons.

The primary goal of ROCKETPOT is to CASH OUT as late as possible, before the multiplier CRASHES

The graph represents the value of your bet, starting at 1× and up to infinite multipliers!

Once the round begins multiplier increases exponentially and the longer you hold, the quicker the value of your bet increases

Cash Out

At any moment during game round, you can click CASH OUT or activate betting Strategy and set when you want to CASH OUT beforehand to lock in the current multiplier which awards you with your multiplied bet.

Players whose CASH OUT ratios are lesser or equal to the crash ratio get their bets multiplied by their CASH OUT ratio, fractions of cent rounded down.

Cash out

If you do not CASH OUT before the CRASH, you lose your bet and the text CRASHED appears on the screen.

The multiplier can CRASH at any value starting from 1× and up to 1000000000×.

New Round
New round animation

Before new game round start Next Round countdown will appear on the screen with 5 seconds timer

User score board

There is a score board with list of all players that take part in the game round. It shows bets placed by other players, theirs CASH OUT multiplier values and win amounts.


The jackpot wheel is triggered when the multiplier reaches:

· 50x (MINI);

· 250× (MAJOR);

· 1,000× (MEGA).

After the round ends, one player out of all the round participants is selected to spin the jackpot wheel and has a chance to win the jackpot!

For more information how jackpots work, go to the jackpots page.