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Roulette Bitcoin

Have you ever seen the roulette spin and win some Bitcoin? Well, now you can see it and experience it on our Bitcoin Casino! We bring you Roulette Bitcoin games to increase our ever-expanding bitcoin game selection on our crypto casino. We offer you a great variety of Bitcoin Roulette table games.  Thanks to our Rocketpot team efforts, we have the best bitcoin roulette games for all of our players to enjoy and win more money on multiple cryptocurrencies available! From bitcoin to the recent and increasing tendency of dogecoin, our players can choose their favorite to play with.

You can choose any of the available bitcoin tables in which you can play using your preferred crypto. Experience a new way of playing Roulette with crypto. We have exciting Bitcoin Roulette games. You only need to deposit to start playing. Prepare your crypto wallet to be filled with Bitcoins. Explore the multiple bitcoin roulette games we offer brought to you by the best providers that we have partnered with to bring the most entertaining bitcoin roulette games! Depositing with your favorite cryptocurrency is quite easy and secure, no personal or financial info required, just deposit and start playing your favorite roulette bitcoin games.

Roulette has been one of the preferred games for decades, perhaps even centuries since its creation estimated back in the 17th century. There is a reason why this game has been so popular for decades. We will write about the roulette bitcoin table game and all its features. All of our different Roulette Bitcoin games are available on our bitcoin casino. All of them have interfaces providing you with useful information. Each game has multiple options to make your gameplay smoother, or you can turn it into a more immersive experience. You can choose from our Live Casino Bitcoin or just our single-player roulette tables.

Lucky for you, you are at Rocketpot, where you can choose among lots of options for you to spend your time having fun and not only this but also have the chance to increase your bitcoin balance while playing our bitcoin roulette games. And if this wasn't enough, you can have control of when and where to play, thanks to our bitcoin mobile casino platform. Click or tap, either way, to win bitcoin at Rocketpot. With bitcoin roulette, you have more than one way per round to win crypto at our site. With the great selection of games plus the variable outcomes offered by roulette, we are sure you will enjoy our games!

The place for you to enjoy the best roulette table games with a fantastic selection of crypto wallets for you to deposit and withdraw your Rocketpot wins! At Rocketpot bitcoin casino, we aim to bring you a rewarding crypto casino experience. We are always expanding our providers and game selections so you can get home and relax. One of the reasons why Roulette it’s such a popular live casino bitcoin game, it’s the great possibilities to win. You can bet on multiple options per round if you’d like to go that way or go for a risky approach. The higher the risk, the higher the reward! We made sure to have this option of control in your gameplay with our Roulette Bitcoin games!

Our compromise to you is to improve the cryptos offering on our site. As new cryptocurrencies appear, we will do our best to have them available for you promptly. That way you, can continue to enjoy that hassle-free crypto experience that you know and love from our site. We are proud to give you such a great selection of Roulette Bitcoin. A recent example of a cryptocurrency trend that we have enabled in our site as per the growing tendency is Dogecoin, now you can experience the fun or roulette bitcoin with this crypto too!

Have a crypto suggestion, or would you like to see a particular cryptocurrency included on our website? Contact our Rocketpot support team and share your feedback and ideas. We will be happy to check your suggestion, and we will try to include it in our bitcoin casino. Our goal is to have the best options for you to fund your entertainment in our bitcoin casino! From the beginning, we aim at cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum, but more recently, we have added more trending cryptos like Dogecoin. Just choose your favorite and play at your favorite roulette bitcoin tables!

Come and be part of our Rocketpot bitcoin Casino, where you can win bitcoin, earn prizes with our fantastic Chest program. You can accumulate experience while playing at your favorite roulette bitcoin games, and after leveling up, you can claim a chest with rewards! The more you play with us, the more experience you get. Our chest contains Bitcoin awards.

Remember, you can get personalized and friendly assistance from our expert support team. If you need any help with our Bitcoin Roulette, please contact them. We value your experience on our bitcoin casino as much as we love cryptos. That's why we offer the best games, friendly and supportive team, and even reward you for your loyalty with our chest and promotions!

Why should you choose cryptocurrency?

Well, that is easy, because many industries are now using Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptos. Just as other online casino sites, we at Rocketpot bitcoin casino care for our players and so we thought that we should provide players with the great option to use bitcoin! After all, it has become stable, safe, and fast thanks to the amazing technology used by blockchain that confirms how easy it is to use cryptocurrency at a bitcoin casino.

Cryptos are not like regular payment methods that means that the banks are not involved, less personal data shared, no need to enter your payment provider information every single time you wish to make a deposit, and of course, you don't want to save that information on your computer or browser, with cryptocurrency everything on the blockchain is safe and secure. This decreases the risk of having your personal or financial information stolen or revealed, leaving you only with one concern, which roulette bitcoin are you going to play at? At Rocketpot that is your only concern, which game to choose, and rest assured we will keep a safe environment for your entertainment! 

Now you can make use of the most recent and advanced technology to safely play online at Rocketpot your bitcoin casino, this allows you to keep track of your favorite games from anywhere, including your phone which will grant you the opportunity to enjoy our bitcoin mobile casino. With our mobile and desktop platforms, you will be able to enjoy Rocketpot games alike, whether you are playing btc slots, blackjack ethereum, or our amazing baccarat games, you will experience the same fun with either your mobile or computer!

Our bitcoin casino wholeheartedly accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more cryptocurrencies, so register and take a step into the future. Rocketpot one of the leading crypto casinos in the industry is proud to give you the chance to use your Bitcoins on our site, and enjoy some wonderful games as Bitcoin Roulette, it will give you that feeling that you are standing next to a land-based Roulette table, but they won't give you a chance to use your Bitcoin as Rocketpot is doing.

Get your space suit ready, and be prepared for an interstellar journey through the galaxies while winning some money. because roulette bitcoin will give you more than 1 option to choose to win each round, this is one of the reasons this game is a favorite among players who enjoy live casino! At Rocketpot we don’t only offer Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency we also have Ethereum, Litecoin, or even Bitcoin Cash. As our motto says “We love crypto” and we stick to it.

We have a huge variety of providers for Bitcoin Roulette like Yggdrasil, PlayNGo, Habanero, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Tangente, Genii, and many more. Thanks to all these providers and the efforts of our team at Rocketpot, you have more than one option to choose from when it comes to selecting a bitcoin roulette game, for example, you can try our newest addition, Roulette X2 by Microgaming Europe.

That's not all! We offer Live Casino Bitcoin Roulette so you can have an experience of a lifetime. You will never go back to a land-based casino since the experience you will feel at our Rocketship is unbeatable. With our Online Live Bitcoin Roulette or classic Bitcoin Roulette table games are available in your favorite cryptocurrency, you can choose between three different types of views: Immersive, 3D, and Classic.

The future is now, and part of it is the cryptocurrency! You want to be part of this bright and shiny future? Then it’s time to embrace the cryptos and use them. We welcome you with open arms to our site and the future. We are not a regular live casino. Our mission at Rocketpot has been to gather the entertainment of gambling with all the possible cryptocurrencies and becoming the most exciting bitcoin casino.

Not only is this the future, thanks to our technology and vision of creating a vast universal and safe experience for bitcoin casino players, we are granting you the privacy and safety of playing with bitcoin, being a decentralized currency, Bitcoin helps players from certain countries to enjoy the opportunity of playing on our site, thanks to our technology and vision, using bitcoin and playing in an online bitcoin casino has never been easier, now all you got to do is start playing and winning bitcoin!

How to deposit at Rocketpot Bitcoin Casino?

At our command center, we decided to make depositing and using your bitcoin wallet as simple and accessible as possible, and talking about accessibility we want to remind you all the cryptocurrency options we have available for you cause we love crypto! To start enjoying the Roulette Bitcoin table games provided by your favorite providers you simply need to deposit in a cryptocurrency:

  • Click on your profile on the top right corner and select “Deposit”.
  • Be sure to check out any promotions we might be running. 
  • Once there copy your wallet address or scan the QR code with your phone and wallet application.
  • On your wallet paste the address and select the cryptocurrency, please make sure all the details match including the address and correct crypto
  • Once you’re ready simply hit Send and the funds will be on its way to your wallet at Rocketpot bitcoin casino.
  • As soon the deposit is confirmed in the blockchain, you can start winning some Bitcoin, and then make a withdraw.

Your deposit should be confirmed within 5-15 minutes, once it’s confirmed you can start playing! Remember that we have multiple cryptos available so you can choose your favorite and just deposit using the same steps we mentioned before. Also, make sure to have a look at the Bonus tab under your profile as you might have a bonus waiting for you. And if you experience any issues please reach out to support and they will be more than happy to assist you with any problem that you may face.

At Rocketpot we want you to feel in control of your own adventure through the roulette bitcoin universe and one of our ways of achieving this is allowing you to control your transactions from anywhere at any time with either your computer or mobile!

Can I use my Bonus to play Bitcoin Roulette?

Yes, of course, you can! 

You can start enjoying our bitcoin slots with double the bitcoin or also feel free to use it at your favorite bitcoin roulette games available at Rocketpot, spin the wheel and go for the win! While you spin the wheel of roulette bitcoin, you win experience to level up and win chest rewards for reaching milestones with us!

We won't get tired of saying this, We at Rocketpot bitcoin casino love crypto! It is one of our goals that the fun is not limited to just bitcoin, as this is a crypto casino you can also use something else like Ethereum to claim your welcome bonus and play Bitcoin Roulette! Also, keep an eye on the bonus tab once you log in as there might a bitcoin bonus waiting for you. Once you level up you can also claim a prize in our bitcoin chest! So don't wait and start betting! 

How to play?

Once your deposit is confirmed, click on the Roulette bitcoin section and select any roulette options available. If you have a particular game or provider in mind, you can use the search bar to locate your desired game faster. When you start playing, you can select the value and adjust it as you wish. You can decrease or increase it at will. Feel free to check each Roulette game available for you and use your favorite crypto at Rocketpot Bitcoin Casino.

Playing Roulette Bitcoin might seem difficult at first. All you need is to familiarize yourself with the bets. For example, you could start playing with a straight wager, which means placing a chip on a single number, and that will also give you the highest payout in the game. You can also increase your odds of placing multiple bets, but with lower risk comes a lower payout. It's all a matter of balance and what suits you best. Roulette could probably become one of your favorite live casino bitcoin games out there! As it is easily one of the most beloved games where there are different ways to win and engage the odds!

You can go with a split bet if you want to keep your payout a bit higher while betting on 2 numbers, simply place a chip between 2 adjacent numbers and voila, you are now playing with a split bet. Maybe you would like to try a corner bet, this is similar to the split bet except that you must place the chip in the middle of 4 numbers to bet on them, for instance, you can do it with the numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5 and dropping the chip in the middle of those numbers.

There are also outside bets and you can recognize those as they will be outside of the table and numbers. The bitcoin table is divided into 3 columns of 12 numbers each, you could select an outside bet and bet on any of the 3 columns covering 12 numbers, these columns are easily recognizable as they are labeled as 2:1 or 2 to 1. You could also select to bet all black or all red or simply go with all even numbers or all odd numbers.

After reading more about how roulette works we are sure that you can understand the reason for its popularity, with different options to gamble and win, besides the multiple ways to play and you can select your favorite or develop your own strategy, and of course, you will always have our support team ready to assist you in case that you have any difficulties. 

Golden Chip Roulette brings you this fantastic title by Yggdrasil Golden Chip Roulette with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. With the relaxing ambiance music, and the possibility to get a payout of 500x in your favorite cryptocurrency like bitcoin. This game is based on the European roulette. The purpose of the game is to predict the correct number. There are various ways to place your Bitcoin bets, like a straight bet, colored bet, red/black bet, and so on.
The feature of this game is the Golden Chips, any normal chip place on a straight number can be transformed into a Bitcoin Golden one, the value will be the same, but what makes it special is that if you win the bitcoin wager, it will be calculated by the multiplier you got like 10x, 25x, 500x. Just step into our Rocketship, and start placing your Bitcoin Roulette wagers.

Premier Roulette 

This shiny 3D Bitcoin Roulette game created by Microgaming, just has that real feeling. You can play in regular or expert mode. Not only that this fantastic Bitcoin Premier Roulette game has the options to change your table preference, but also add a video zoom mode. The graphics on this game are state of the art. If you don’t like the normal mode, you even choose the turbo mode to win those Bitcoins faster. Try it out now on Rocketpot bitcoin casino.

Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold

Are you one of those that love to play Bitcoin Roulette? Our Rocketship brings you the option to play multiple Bitcoin Roulette table games on one screen! This Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold that you can with Bitcoin is brought to you by Microgaming, and you can play up to eight roulettes with one single bet. If eight is too many you can disable them. This game has the expert, and normal mode, so come and play multiple Bitcoin Roulettes!

Lightning Roulette 

Are you prepared to play an even more exciting Online Live Roulette game? You better be! Lightning Roulette brings the thunder directly to you with a new feature, in every round there is a chance to receive a multiplier between 50x and 500x and up to 5 lucky numbers might receive this boost, it makes it rain Bitcoin. At the start of every round, the dealer will trigger the lightning switch and up to 5 numbers could receive a multiplier, increasing your possibilities of winning Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash

NetEnt Roulette 

A modern look and great graphics coupled with familiar gameplay make the NetEnt Auto Roulette a great choice for new and veteran players alike, now with the added benefit of playing with your favorite crypto! You can play using Bitcoin or Ethereum. 


One thing that sets apart Rocketpot from the multiple other sites is our exclusive experience reward system. With the XP you can level up and receive one of our Rocketpot Chests, which have a guaranteed prize. For every bet placed, you receive XP points, and these points will increase your level. Once you reach a new level, you are awarded a chest with a guaranteed Bitcoin prize! The more you play with us, the more chance you have to experience fabulous promotions and bonuses just by leveling up while spinning the wheel or beating the table odds! Rocketpot bitcoin casino wishes you the best of luck!

You can win while playing your favorite video slots, and if that’s not enough to get your adventurer blood pumping, we also have one final and marvelous prize waiting for you with the last chest available. Who doesn’t love having a guaranteed prize? As a tremendous and final surprise, the final chest available at the highest level has a Lambo waiting for you. That’s right, an actual Lamborghini and you could be the winner of that magnificent prize. As you can see, the fun and rewards for playing at Rocketpot bitcoin casino are quite a lot. Keep earning experience and reaching those XP chests rewards, and continue to enjoy your bitcoin gambling!

What are you waiting for? Press that sign-up button to start enjoying our multiple games in BTC, ETH, or LTC! Chests, prizes, and games are waiting for you, only at Rocketpot Bitcoin Casino. Do not forget to check out our bonus page so you can claim any bitcoin bonus with your deposit. And of course, let's not forget that if you have any questions or inquiries, we have our extraordinary support team who will gladly assist you with everything.