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The Best Bitcoin Casino

RocketPot is the best Bitcoin Casino with recognition from the Curacao eGaming authorities. The authority awarded the Casino a licence in 2019. This means RocketPot is a casino you can trust. The gaming platform is home to an excellent collection of casino games built for optimum experience. These games are tailor-made to suit online gamers' gaming and gambling needs. You never have to worry about your funds, the security of transactions and the trustworthiness of the system. The platform handles BTC casino bets conveniently and you will never complain about payouts.

Bitcoin gamblers enjoy over 3000 casino slot games and over 300 table games. Progressive jackpots are the norm. This means the more you play, the more your rewards and chances of winning guaranteed prizes. There are different prizes associated with different tires, with level 5 being the highest tire. Level 5 gamers can win cash prizes of up to 20 BTC.

Get thrilled with placing single and multiple bets across your favourite online casino games on RocketPot.Io. We promise to give you a new level of gaming experience and the opportunity to play and earn using your preferred cryptocurrency. The focus of our casino is to provide a fun environment for generating cash through online games. Nothing beats the power of the RocketPot bonus packages, offers, games collection and the gaming experience. 

Our users have given the BTC casino platform high ratings and described it as a versatile cryptocurrency gambling platform. Besides having a diverse collection of games, RocketPot has a good reputation for providing privacy, being secure and having an authentic play-to-earn model.

Deposit, Play, Win and Withdraw your payouts smoothly and with speed.RocketPot is operated by a trusted brand in the industry and has already set standards for the next-generation casinos. Support payment methods include cryptocurrencies and card payment processors.

The Best Bitcoin Gaming Experience

Start your gambling journey with a one-of-a-kind user experience. Our platform has only the best games to offer. We source these games from a list of 56 reputable gaming developers. These games have a modern design user interface and some of the most innovative features to make gambling fun, easy and profitable.

Try your luck at winning massive BTC cashouts through Bitcoin Slots, Bitcoin Games, Bitcoin Baccarat,  Bitcoin Roulette and so much more. Our library of iGaming providers and BTC casino games is extensive to ensure players never get bored.  We want our customers to have an unbelievable experience play and cash out through cryptocurrency.

Our users remain entertained for the rest of their session by taking advantage of our enhanced bitcoin casino tools. This is the reason we have a big collection of games under one roof. The list is still growing and we believe our users deserve an unforgettable. gambling experience.

RocketPot is redesigning how online gaming is done by implementing blockchain and digital assets. Payments and transactions are quick and fast owing to the robustness of the blockchain. Players also get to hide their gambling activities, thanks to the anonymity feature of the blockchain.

We also ensure users utilize digital currencies to win prizes in up to 10 types of cryptocurrencies. In this online Bitcoin casino, you are going to experience what makes a BTC casino great than traditional ones. Imagine a casino where deposits and payouts take seconds to get processed compared to using a bank channel. Bitcoin gambling casinos are convenient, fast and built with military-grade cryptography security. All transactions get unique cryptographic hashes and are stored on the blockchain. Hence making it impossible to tamper with funds, private data and the system itself.

Play the Best Bitcoin Casino Games

Many casinos exist out there and all of them claim to have unique features. Today’s gamers need a reliable UI and a smooth experience. Creating games that complement this vision is our first step in delivering infinite entertainment. 

We are RocketPot, the best Bitcoin casino serving online gamblers from all walks of life. Our deployment teams are dedicated and love what they do. The team blend its dedication with a passionate and committed group of up to 56 providers who have built games for RocketPot over the years. Our 3000+ casino games combine the best technology of today and let you stake your BTC to win cash prizes.

As a company in the gaming business for the long term. we are still updating the library to deliver more games. We want players to access their favourite games anywhere, anytime and with any device at RocketPot. Our platform has the best user experience to smoothly support both IOS and Android devices.

You can play your best Bitcoin casino games in wherever format you want. For the desktop player, they can select RockePot from the browser of their choice. If you want to unwind while on the go, mobile applications come in handy. Our games come in different shapes. We have Bitcoin slots, Live Casino, Roulette, Bacarrat and BlackJack.

The site also features a unique collection of Bitcoin table games that you could play live. All of these games have become available and within reach of any passionate gambler. We have a vision of a sustainable gaming ecosystem, and we opted to bring this sustainability by building games through the blockchain. In fact, our prizes are designed with sustainability in mind. The winning points are awarded progressively, hence the more you play, the more points you win.  Rocketpot’s system is uniquely customer-centric and aims to onboard any level of gamblers.

The Bitcoin Casino Features

RocketPot is an excellent Bitcoin casino with all the modern features of a decentralized gaming ecosystem.

Users need to undergo proper identification upon registration so that RocketPot can meet the demands of Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering policies. The user experience is smooth and friendly for beginning players. The dashboard has a search bar to help locate your favourite casino games.

You will also love the fact you can play on the go. RocketPot has a mobile version for both IOS and Android devices. The casino obtained its first license from Curacao egaming authority in 2019. Furthermore, they have undergone appropriate auditing and worked smart behind the scenes to build a secure platform.

Playing BTC online casino games requires setting up a cryptocurrency wallet. There are several types of wallets, desktop versions, mobile and even hardware wallets. These games take place on the blockchain, which is decentralized, secure and completely anonymous. Therefore, no one can trace your gambling activities. Payouts are processed quickly due to the robustness of crypto transactions.

Here are some important features you need to note about this BTC casino:

  • RocketPot has a game for everyone - The platform has an excellent selection of 4,000 games built by 56 reputable providers.
  • Active community - Rocketpot’s community members are usually active, helpful, supportive and interactive. A perfect blend for the best bitcoin live table game.
  • Good reputation - RocketPot has received many positive reviews from lots of players online. These players consider it one of the best places to best the bitcoin live table gaming platform.
  • 2-factor authentication from Google - Apart from a number of security features, RocketPot supports Google’s 2-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised logins.
  • Active customer support - RocketPot has set up an active 24/7 customer support that’s always ready to help.
  • Supports multiple currencies - supports  BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, USDT, NEO, XRP  and so many more.
  • Bonus and Promotions - RocketPot has ample bonus benefits including a 2X matching bonus for Bitcoin deposits.
  • Mobile versions - a good bitcoin live table game lets you gamble on the go. Hence it should come with both a desktop browser version and an Android and IOS version. Most gambling sites have robust and highly responsible mobile application versions.

Play Bitcoin Casino on your Mobile Device

RocketPot provides an endless stream of entertainment through your mobile phone. The platform will allow you to play on the go using your tablet or phone. Enjoy our collection of games from any IOS, Android or Linux device of your choice. As a matter of fact, our games are supported across a broad spectrum of browsers and accessible everywhere in the world.

Remember you are playing on your mobile phone using Bitcoin. This brings the following benefits: Convenience, anonymity and tamper-proof.

Anonymity - Using cryptocurrencies when gambling offers privacy and anonymity. For example, sensitive information like personal details and payment cards remain confidential upon depositing funds. The only thing you need is to randomly select and generate wallet addresses.

Convenience - Utilizing cryptocurrencies gives you a lot of conveniences. You only need to create a cryptocurrency wallet and scan our deposit QR codes using your mobile phone to transact with RocketPot.

Tamper-proof - Owing to the cryptographic security features of the blockchain, a Bitcoin casino is tamper-proof. Once a transaction takes place, the public ledger records that data and creates another block. Therefore making your deposits impossible to tamper with.


What is a Bitcoin Casino?

Bitcoin casinos are online gaming casinos where users have the freedom to use cryptocurrencies for deposits and payouts. A gambler registers a cryptocurrency wallet and funds it in order to deposit funds into the BTC casino. Therefore benefiting from complete decentralization, total control, privacy, speed and anonymity. Cryptocurrencies are the safest payment options in history. Nonetheless, the rules of play for a Bitcoin casino are nearly similar to a traditional casino.

How to Play a Crypto Casino?

There are 2 primary types of Bitcoin casinos: Hybrid casinos and Bitcoin-exclusive casinos. A hybrid casino allows both fiat and cryptocurrencies for payments. The second one, Bitcoin-exclusive casinos allow only cryptocurrencies for payments. To get started, players need to fund a cryptocurrency wallet and send the funds to the Bitcoin casino. The user gets to place bets using Bitcoin or any other preferred and supported cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, XRP or just any. The payouts are also processed in Bitcoins. Most casinos have an interface containing all supported cryptocurrencies, and under each crypto, your balance will be listed.

Why Play at Rocketpot?

RocketPot is a prominent online gaming casino offering an excellent collection of cryptocurrency games. The platform offers perfect relaxation, swift transactions and anonymity. Signing up is easy and you are going to discover your perfect entertainment spot. RocketPot is also licensed and has undergone all crucial auditing. This means the casino is safe, the system is not rigged and your funds as well as data are secure. The online casino also supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, USDT or ETH. Users who do not like the volatility of cryptocurrencies can opt for a stablecoin like USDT. Which is already supported on RocketPot.

What Games do Bitcoin Casinos Offer?

A Bitcoin casino may create its own game or source its games from experienced game providers. Nearly all casinos source their games from providers. A great gambling experience is one that brings multiple ways of having fun. You will find the best Bitcoin casinos have a collection of at least 2000+  games. This collection could be Live Table games, Bitcoin slots, Roulettes, Baccarat and poker. RocketPot for example provides up to 3000+ games, optimized for iPhones, Android and desktop devices.

What are the Best Bitcoin Casino Games?

There are many online Bitcoin casino games. Different people prefer different options. But according to us and the many reviews we have received, Bitcoin slots are a favourite for many people. Roulettes and Live casinos are also considered some of the best Bitcoin casino games. It is difficult to choose the best of the best on a collection of over 3000+ games that are already curated to suit our clients. The best way to find a game you love is to keep exploring what a certain platform has to offer.

What are the Best Wallets For Crypto Gambling?

A cryptocurrency wallet could be a software, hardware or browser extension. These wallets help you to store or transact with your digital currencies. The most popular cryptocurrency wallet is Meta Mask. You can use the wallet both as a mobile application and as a browser extension. This means you can access it on the go. Such a wallet would come in handy when gaming on a Bitcoin casino. Especially if that casino is accessible both on a desktop and on the phone. Other crypto wallets like Meta Mask include Ronin, Wax Cloud Wallet and Coinbase wallet.

How to Deposit at Bitcoin Casinos?

Visit a cryptocurrency wallet of your choice and register an account. Take note and store your seed phrase. This is a special cryptographic method of helping devices recognize your wallet. The next step is buying the currency you intend to use for gambling. You can do this through your wallet or through an exchange. At this point, visit the payments page of the casino of your choice and copy the public address of your intended cryptocurrency. Thereafter, copy and paste this address to the send field on the Bitcoin wallet. The withdrawal process is relatively similar, only that now you need to paste your wallet’s address into the gambling site’s withdrawal fields. Deposits and payouts in cryptocurrency are relatively fast and secure compared to transacting with fiat on gaming sites.

How do I Withdraw from a Bitcoin Casino?

You are withdrawing either your wins or the balance on your Bitcoin casino. The first step is going to the withdrawal section of the site and clicking the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. The site will ask you to enter a wallet address. Some Bitcoin casinos will process your funds instantly since they have a rapid due diligence process for ascertaining your transactions. However, other sites could take nearly 48 hours to deposit the funds into your wallets. Nonetheless, the withdrawal process is easy and fast. Anyone can do it. Also, remember you will be charged some transaction fees when withdrawing or depositing funds into your account.

How Long Does it Take to withdraw Bitcoin?

Bitcoin transactions do not take time. The blockchain is robust and lightning-fast, which means your payments are processed in real-time. However, each Bitcoin casino has its own method of validating transactions in order to satisfy KYC and AML. And these distinct methods determine the length of time needed to fully process a withdrawal. Some gaming sites could take seconds to 48 hours to process a withdrawal. The advantage of withdrawing in Bitcoin is that the process is quick and anonymous.

Are Crypto Casinos Safe?

Crypto casinos are safe. They are safer in general compared to traditional gaming casinos owing to the tamper-proof nature of the blockchain. Transactions remain anonymous as well, while the sites have great security features to secure your funds and private data.

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