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Provider: Pragmatic Play
Release Date: Sept. 23, 2021

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Starlight Princess Introduction

Starlight Princess

Starlight Princess slot is an anime-themed online game Starlight Princess might be enjoyable after all, not everyone has played Gates of Olympus, and some gamers undoubtedly enjoy princesses, fairies, and anime. Paying in all positions is an uncommon strategy for accumulating earnings, but cascades and multipliers make it effective. It frequently happened that a round of free spins might drag on without producing anything, only to change course completely when one superb spin collected a helpful win multiplier..It is an interesting story that involves a flying princess. For the majority of gamers, the 5-reel matrix doesn't come as a surprise, but it is unique because all symbols behave like Scatters and pay everywhere around the view. Naturally, the visuals received special attention. They'll impress you with old Japanese anime shows and be impressed by old Japanese anime shows by them, especially the animated winged princess next to the blue matrix with the golden frame.


Pragmatic Play

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Min Bet


Max Bet


Top Win




In addition, there are sky-high structures and sparkling icons in the background. Furthermore, playing in the background is exciting electronic music. In the Starlight Princess slot review, the tumble feature and free spins will be explored. The princess rules a beautiful world where players find themselves, the princess is ready to accompany the players in a gem-hunting adventure as she flutters on angel wings. Fans of jewel-themed slots and Japanese anime will enjoy this slot. The beautiful adventurous settings offer a wonderful escape from reality. 

The game developers have gone to an extent of creating marvelous visuals. At the sides of the screen, you will find magical towers while on the right side you will see the princess and the logo of the game on top of her head and the gold reel provides the finishing touches.

Format And Betting Options

The game consists of a 6 by 5 reel set that occupies 9 different regular paying symbols and the scatters not forgetting 4 multiplier symbols. In order to win you must get a winning combination which is landing at least 8 of the same symbol anywhere on the reel set. The minimum amount of the same characters needed is a payout of 8 and pays in increments.

The game has a tumble feature meaning that all winning symbols will be removed once counted and replacement symbols will appear from above increases the chances of winning more bets.

 The best way to win more is through free spins, which are enabled by landing 4 or more scatters. The feature powerful tool is multiplier count where after every winning spin is added to the total multiplier and will be carried forward to the following free spin. Here is a list of features that increase your winning possibilities while enjoying the game.

Free spins

To activate the Free Spins bonus, land 4 or more Scatter symbols on the reels. Your chances of winning extra free spins increase as you land more scatter symbols on the reels. The value of your multiplier would also rise if you hit a multiplier during the Free Spin retrigger.

Princess scatter

This symbol can trigger the free spins feature and on top of that, a paying value

Ante bet

Players have the option of selecting this feature at a cost of 25% added to the bet. This increases the bet to 25x and the chances of landing scatters also increase

 Multiplier symbol

There are 4 multiplier symbols that can land in either game or free spins at random. When a multiplier symbol lands, it takes a random multiplier value between 2x-500x and will be multiplied by any wins for the entire spin.

Tumble feature

After the payout win has been paid in this feature, all of the winning symbols will disappear from the screen. New symbols will replace any remaining ones on the screen by falling to the bottom of the reel.

Until there are no more winning combinations on the reel, the symbols will keep falling. After the tumble function, all of your wins would be added to your payout balance. Various multipliers that appear on the reels at random times during this feature can pay you 2x to 500x your bet plus additional prizes.

Graphics And Theme 

The game Starlight Princess has an anime/manga theme. Say everything is sunshine and butterflies. In terms of the noises and images. White clouds and mysterious castle towers may be seen in the backdrop. Additionally, a fast-paced, energetic soundtrack is heard.

Retro sci-fi and old anime shows come to mind while listening to the soundtrack. Players will feel ready for a dramatic climax as a result of the suspense, and digitally integrated notes.

The gems on the reels vary in beauty from emeralds to sapphires. Each one has a gold frame, and some have stars or hearts engraved in the gold.

The Starlight Princess hovers close to the reels, her beautiful wings softly glowing. She is dressed in a sleek, glitzy outfit with tights that are fancifully mismatched. Her nearly knee-length red hair is beautiful and flowing. She resembles the ideal anime fantasy girl in every way. The game's heroine is similar to Sailor Moon's iconic star, yet she is also unique enough to feel like a new discovery.

A replica of Pragmatic Play's popular video game Gates of Olympus has been made. Greek mythology has a well-made feminine counterpart in the new Starlight Princess slot. Although the Sailor Moon princess's continuous movement can make you uncomfortable if you focus on her too much, she provides adorable win reactions and commentary on your actions. Fans of anime and cute design will definitely like the slot machine, which has an overall rating of 5 out of 5.

Comparing Starlight Princess to Gates of Olympus, a very different picture emerges.

Once again, we're in the sky for hit number one, but this time the scene is very different. As an anime-inspired game, Starlight Princess replaces the Starlight Princess for the powerful Zeus next to the reels. However, the soundtrack is truly unique, including an exciting dance anthem with a slightly vintage arcade vibe.

Low-paying/ High-paying Symbols

There are four high-gem symbols and five low-gem symbols in the Starlight Princess slot. High-paying symbols are precious gems that help the princess gain her powers. The high-paying symbols are Sun shaped, the pink heart, the moon, and the star symbol. Low-paying symbols are the red heart, the blue gem, the green gem, the turquoise, and the yellow gem.   Every time they create a cluster that pays, they deliver coins. It must have a minimum of eight matching symbols. So, if you place the lowest bet, you are likely to gain.

The highest paying symbol is the princess scatter.

Symbols and payouts




Min 10.00x Max 50.00x


Min 2.50x Max 25.00x


Min 2.00x Max 15.00x


Min 1.50x Max12.00x

Red Gem

Min 1.00x Max10.00x

Blue Gem

Min 0.80x Max8.00x

Green Gem

Min 0.50x Max5.00x

Coral Gem

Min 0.40x Max4.00x

Yellow Gem

Min 0.25x Max2.00x

Princess scatter

Min 3.00x Max100.00x

Starlight Princess Review: The Good and the Bad

The provider heavily relies on marketing its slots through a wide range of sources, including streamers, regular affiliates, and promotional efforts. This plan of maximizing exposure, association, and promotion is largely responsible for its accomplishments. Without taking into account the studio's marketing initiatives, the games' intrinsic value is typically not very high. However, it has its share of hits that fans adore for what they are.

Pragmatic Play has established itself as one of the top providers of slots. It offers a wide variety of games, including several that are well-liked. Players who take advantage of free tournaments and social tournaments created by the company's active product promotion receive added value.

The game has a beautiful Japanese Manga design with a unique winning mechanism. Symbols with multipliers of up to 500X.The game can be played on smartphones, laptops, and P.Cs and can be played anywhere, anytime at your comfort.

Despite the beautiful features available the bad side of the game is that the RTP varies differently in different casinos. Thus the player should not have the mentality of RTP being constant in all casinos.


What is Starlight Princess?

It is a volatile anime slot made by pragmatic play. The 6-reel, 5-row slot has Win-All-Ways mechanics, allowing you to generate combinations in any direction. The scatter can activate the free spins bonus round, tumbles, multipliers, and more in terms of features.

Can you play Starlight Princess with Bitcoin?

Yes, like any other e-game on online casinos that accept cryptocurrency and provide the game. On some platforms, you can buy the game itself or in-game items with bitcoins. Players can also pay real money to buy Starlight princess game coins by searching cryptocurrency asset markets.

What is the RTP of Starlight Princess?

The Starlight Princess slot's RTP is 95.51%. According to this, a gambler can expect to win back $96-498 on average for every $100 they stake. Although the RTP is high in the advertisement, it periodically drops as low as 94.62%, which is typical of Pragmatic Play's game selections. The RTP rates vary depending on the casino and game type. It's crucial to keep in mind that every scatter is distinct and that the RTP rate is an average over time rather than a guarantee of actual profits.

What is the maximum win in Starlight Princess?

The maximum payout for Starlight Princess Slots varies according to the casino platform and game version. With the appropriate casino or game provider, the actual maximum win should be validated. Players typically have the opportunity to win up to 5000 times their initial bet.

What Makes Starlight Princess play Slots Worth Play?

Starlight Princess might be enjoyable after all, and some gamers undoubtedly enjoy princesses, fairies, and anime. Paying in all positions is an uncommon strategy for accumulating earnings, but cascades and multipliers make it effective. It frequently happened that a round of free spins might drag on without producing anything, only to change course completely when one superb spin collected a helpful win multiplier.

Starlight Princess offers players captivating gameplay with gorgeous graphics and authentic Japanese Manga themes. The game's additional features, such as collecting scatters, can increase players' chances of winning big. The game is playable on a variety of casino websites and offers players the option to wager with real money or cryptocurrencies.

Can I play Starlight Princess for real money?

Currently, players can make real money bets on the Starlight Princess slots game. Users can use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to pay for game entry or in-game goods at casinos that sell the game. To purchase Starlight Princess game currency, players can also utilize cryptocurrency. The casinos that offer the game also allow players to bet using Bitcoin. However, in the game itself, symbols are employed in place of real money.

As a gambler, you are advised never to use money intended for necessary needs but use money that has no use” leftovers”.

Are Starlight Princess slots legit?

Yes, slots are licensed and verified by casino regulators and gaming commissioners. The game also uses random number generators to guarantee fair gameplay for all players. However, with any form of gaming, there is always a danger of losing.

When you gamble sensibly, you only put money at risk that you can afford to lose. Players should also examine any online gaming regulations in their area. Online real money slot gaming may not be legal in some jurisdictions. It is best to verify and follow the laws and regulations currently in force in your jurisdiction. Additionally, players should verify the legitimacy and authorization of the online casino they are accessing.

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