Provably Fair

ROCKETPOT is Provably Fair, which means you can easily verify its randomness and fairness.

The Provably Fair system is a mathematical method that is used to ensure that no one, neither players nor the operator of the site, can know the result of the game before it starts and noone can tamper with the randomness of the game.

We have generated a chain of 10,000,000 SHA256 hashes.

Each element is the hash of the lowercase, hexadecimal string representation of the previous hash.

The hash of the chain's last element is ________

Every game maps to a hash in the chain: The 10,000,000th element of the chain is the hash of game #1 and the first element in the chain is the hash of game #10,000,000.

o verify that a hash belongs to a game #n, simply hash it n times and compare the result with the terminating hash.

To calculate a game`s result from its hash:


  const crypto = require("crypto")
function gameResult(seed, salt) { const nBits = 52 // number of most significant bits to use
// 1. HMAC_SHA256(key=salt, message=seed) const hmac = crypto.createHmac("sha256", salt) hmac.update(seed) seed = hmac.digest("hex")
// 2. r = 52 most significant bits seed = seed.slice(0, nBits/4) const r = parseInt(seed, 16)
// 3. X = r / 2^52 let X = r / Math.pow(2, nBits) // uniformly distributed in [0; 1)
// 4. X = 99 / (1-X) X = 99 / (1 - X)
// 5. return max(trunc(X), 100) const result = Math.floor(X) return Math.max(1, result / 100)  

Before being used to calculate the corresponding result, each game hash is salted with the lowercase, hexadecimal string representation of the hash of bitcoin block 505750.

This block is _______